In July of this year we went to Scotland for our summer holiday.  We started in Edinburgh, then visited the Isle of Mull for a week (with a stop in the Trossachs on the way) and ended with a tour of the famous locations Glenfinnan, Glencoe, Loch Ness, Inverness and Stirling.


The landscapes were amazing and especially Mull was fantastic (see the title image).  We could have spent weeks there.


I’m still processing the photographs and have some photo stories planned, so there is more to come.


See more additions as I process them on VSCO →


In 2004 I was in Rome for work (a conference).  This was in the early years of digital photography and what I had was a Canon Powershot A75, which was OK at the time, but not really up to modern standards perhaps.  I still hold a couple of those photographs dear, though, and a filter in VSCOCam has helped to improve the colours and contrast.

My Rome photographs on VSCO →